Your BTL power team 

When you set out to a build or continue to build your investment portfolio its best practice to have a 
‘Power Team’ around you. Your power team are a bunch of tradesmen and professionals who can help 
you at every step of your investing journey. Have a team of reliable experts around you will help you to 
secure the best deals, ensure your refurbs run smoothly and your life as a landlord is profitable and pain 

Mortgage Adviser 

Once you have found your deal you will need to finance that purchase. For most investor that would 
involve a Buy to Let mortgage. A great mortgage adviser is worth their weight in gold as they will find you 
the best deal to finance your purchase quickly, cheaply, and smoothly. Using a fully independent (Whole 
of market if possible) who has personal experience with BTL (Ideally one who advises themselves) will 
give you the best opportunity for success. 
When buying any property, you will need a good solicitor to handle the legal work. Ideally a solicitor with 
Buy to Let experience as these sorts of transactions vary slightly from residential purchases, especially if 
you are buying via a LTD company or through auction for example. A good solicitor will be quick, 
responsive and have regular and clear communication. 
If you are planning to remodel the house either with an extension, removing walls or converting the loft 
you are going to need a qualified builder to complete the works to regulation. 
A simple reskim of some walls and a fresh lick of paint can turn a shabby and tired looking property into 
a brand-new looking property. Having a plasterer who can fit your project as and when you need it is 
essential as any tradesmen who is any good at what they do will be tied up. 
If you are looking to replace a kitchen or skirtings and doors youre going to need a joiner. Again, if the 
work you need isnt a big project, you are going to need a joiner who can fit your work in around their 
other jobs to get your project over the line in a timely manner. 
Plumber/ Heating engineer 
All properties that are to be let out need to have a valid gas safety certificate. So even if your projects 
don’t require plumbing or heath work e.g. replacing a bathroom or replacing a boiler, you will need a 
heating engineer to carry out a gas safety certificate each year to keep your property compliant. 
Just like with the gas safety certificate you are going to need an electrical safety certificate to make sure 
your property is compliant, Electrical safety certificates are only needed every 10 years, not every year. 
Letting agent 
Now you have bought and renovated your property its time to put it on the market to find a tenant. A 
good letting agent will find you the best tenant for your property and do it fast. They should reference and 
background check all tenants to make sure they are able to pay the rent you are charging and have 
references from previous landlords to give you an idea of the type of tenant they are. Ideally you would 
like a well-established letting agent with a large client bank to offer your new property to find you a tenant 
fast. Cost is also a factor here as the more they charge you for management, the less you take home 
each month. But like with most things, you get what you pay for. 
Insurance broker 
A BTL property requires a different type of insurance policy compared to your standard buildings and 
contents insurance. Just like with your mortgage a specialist independent insurance broker is best here 
to find you the best policy to cover you, your property, and your tenant. Additional things to consider here 
are rent cover, malicious damage and legal cost coverage in the event you need to make a claim against 
yoru tenant. 
The final piece of your team is a quality accountant. You now have income coming from your cash 
flowing property which you will now have to declare. A good accountant will help you determine your 
investment method and best guide you around the taxation minefield to help keep as much of your hard- 
earned investment in your pocket. Much like with your mortgage adviser, always best to use an  
accountant with some property investing experience who will be best suited to help you. 
Now you won’t have all these people in place before your 1st investment, more than likely you will start toassemble a team of trusted professionals as you set out on your journey through recommendations or through using their services previously and building that relationship. If you are looking to assemble most of your team from the outset a great place to start is to attend networking events and speak with other investors to gather recommendations. Most investors will be happy to share their trusted team with you. A small minority may want to keep them for themselves if they have their own projects, they need them 
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