Why you should put your life insurance policy in trust! 
Taking out a life insurance policy is the greatest thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. In 
doing so you are thinking about your family and those that you love when you are no longer here and 
planning for the inevitable. Mortality is 100%, its going to happen to us all! 
But there is one more thing you can do for yourself and your family with your life insurance policy which 
will put the cherry on top. 
That is to put your policy into a trust. 
A trust is s simple document completed by yourself as the policy holder and 2 trustees who you nominate 
to handle your life insurance policy when you are unable to. A trust will ringfence your policy from your 
estate, meaning any claim made will be exempt from any inheritance tax liability you may have. This 
means those that you have designated your pay out to go to, will receive it completely tax free! 
By putting your policy in trust, you have a legal document that outlines who is eligible to claim on your 
behalf when you have passed and who is to benefit from your policy. You will have outlined this in your 
letter of wishes as part of your trust document so that the people you want the money to go to get it 
stress free. By naming trustees, you have written proof of who you have nominated to claim for you when 
you're gone, so that the claim process is much quicker, and because your beneficiaries are laid on in 
black and white too they can quickly determine who that money is to be given to. 
So, by using this free tool that all insurance providers offer means the right people, get the right money at 
the right time and in a tax-free way. So why wouldn’t you put your policy in trust?! 
The question is “is your life insurance policy in trust?” 
If you would like to know more about how you can put your policy into trust, please get in touch! 
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