Top tips when remortgaging... 
We all want an easy life, don’t we? Whether it’s something trivial like finding something to watch or eat or 
something more serious like sorting your remortgage. So, what does a smooth remortgage look like? A 
smooth remortgage requires little back and forth between yourselves and the lender and being prepared 
for what your broker and the lender is going to ask. So to help you plan for a smooth remortgage we 
have put together a few tips for you to follow. 
Make sure your ID is registered at your new address 
When a lender reviews your application and documents all of the information and addresses need to 
match up, if they don’t lenders will request further information or clarity on the discrepancies which can 
cause delays in the review process. You can update your driving license here: 
If employed have your last 3 months payslips and bank statements ready 
As with all applications you need to evidence your income, so by collecting your last 3 months payslips 
and bank statements you can hand these to your broker in your initial meeting so as soon as you find a 
mortgage option you wish to proceed with your broker has all of the docuemnts needed to submit your 
application, saving you time and stress. Not all lenders require 3 months, some only require your latest 
payslip but by having all 3 ready, if the particular lender you choose needs them you have them ready. 
If self employed have your latest accounts or tax return completed 
Since taking out your current mortgage you will have surpassed at least another year or 2 financial year 
and will have those documents to support your proof of income. Lenders require your last 2 years of self- 
assessments and/or company accounts to average out your last 2 years of income to support your 
application. Have these handy to give to your broker when you are exploring your remortgage options. 
Download your credit report 
Just like with your initial mortgage application, you will need to disclose all of your credit commitments 
including the name of the finance company, monthly payment outstanding balance and remaining term 
So rather than long into all of your credit provider portals or call for an up to date figure you can just 
download your credit report where all of this information will be in one place and you can easily download 
this onto one pdf to hand to your broker. Also, the information on your credit report is the same 
information the lender uses when reviewing your remortgage application. So, by providing your broker 
with the same information that the lender sees this will increase your chances of success. We 
recommend using as they check all 3 main credit report providers to create one report 
with all this information on in one place. You can check your credit report and download yours here: 
Update the electoral roll 
The electoral roll is more important than you think. Lenders check the electoral roll to establish where 
you live when you lived there. If you aren’t on the electoral roll lenders cannot find you. If you haven’t 
updated the electoral roll, they will credit check you at the wrong address and will not be able to find the 
information they need to make a lending decision, which can result in a declined application. So, keep 
the electoral roll updated, you can do this yourself here: 
If you are 3-6 months away from the end of your fixed rate mortgage coming to an end, get in touch with 
us today for a free review of future options available to you.  
You can call us on 01482 205084 or email us at: 
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