In a competitive and digital market that we live in, simply listing your property with a good estate agent at a competitive price isnt enough. You need to present your property needs to be presented in a way that the potential buyers you have come to view your property can envision themselves living there. If potential buyers can picture themselves living there, they are much more likely to make an offer. 
The underlying theme is to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to see themselves living in your home, so this involves removing any items that are specific to your taste or any issues that could put off buyers. Such as damage to the property or features only you like. Here are our top tips to help present your home to make this happen… 
Curb Appeal 
The front of your house is the first thing potential buyers see, so this is vital to get them through the door. If people don’t like the front of your house and don’t give it a second look they’re going to look elsewhere. So, make sure the front of your house is clean and tidy and in good repair. 
People cannot envision living somewhere if they cannot see passed the clutter in your house. Be sure to remove any unnecessary items from your home that can make it feel untidy or small. Don’t leave items out on the side or hide those things you are embarrassed about e.g. put shoes in the cupboard rather than near the front door. 
This goes without saying, people don’t want to buy an unclean home. If your home is untidy, it gives potential buyers the impression that you don’t care about the property, it hasn’t been maintained and that may lead to future problems that they will need to fix when they become the owners. 
Again, you want people to see themselves living in your property they need to be able to see their own taste and own lifestyle in the property. So, a property that has leopard print wallpaper and bright red carpets can be hard to see passed. Best advice is to opt for neutral colours to create a blank canvas for potential buyers to create their own home in their mind. 
Fresh paint if necessary 
If your walls are looking tired or you are painting the property to more neutral colours, then fresh paint can go a long way. If you havent redecorated for several years your walls may be scuffed or discoloured, so a fresh lick of paint can bring an old, tired looking room back to life. Repainting a roof isnt a large expense that can bring back a big return. 
Carpet clean 
Stained or dirty carpets are another sign that the property hasn’t been maintained and a sign to potential buyers that future problems may be on the horizon. This may be that they will simply have to replace the carpet when they move in or if the stains are from a particular cause that the root cause of the problem may be more sinister. 
People buy space. So, making your home feel bigger using natural light will give the impression your home is bigger than it is. By simply drawing the curtains or using smaller curtains or blinds will make the roof feel bigger as more light floods into each room. 
Clear the garden. 
Gardening isnt everybody cup of tea, so by clearing your garden of any broken plant pots or old swing sets your kids havent used for years will make your garden feel bigger and show a space that is ready to be made into anything they want it to be. 
Air fresheners 
The first sign of damp, moisture or poor home hygiene is the smell. If you have ever walked into an old, poorly ventilated property you can feel the moisture in the air. If you have damp or lots of animals, you can smell that in the air. So, using air fresheners along with giving yoru home a thorough clean before people come to view can help people see and smell how clean and well maintained your home is. 
Give each room a clear purpose 
Help potential buyers to compartmentalise the home. Having clear spaces for entertaining, relaxing and day to day chores is a good tip. 
Add mirrors to reflect light 
Natural light makes a home feel much bigger than it is, using mirrors rather than putting in new windows is a much more cost-effective way of introducing light into your home. 
Dress rooms 
Dress rooms in your home to show how the room is to be used and how comfortable it can be. Don’t declutter to the point where it looks like you have just moved in. Use candles and scatter cushions in the living room to make it feel cosy and set the dining table as if you have quests to show how you use the property for entertaining. 
For more hints and tips, get in touch. 
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