If you had a cash machine that gave you £30,000 per year, would you insure it in case it broke and 
stopped paying out each month? Of course, you would, why would you run the risk of going without 
money for months or even a lifetime when that cash machine broke? What would happen to the family 
home or your children if your cash machine stopped and you couldn’t pay your mortgage or bills? 
What if I told you, you are that cash machine? 
Life insurance = income replacement. Whether be income protection that pays you monthly whilst you 
are off work or sick, critical illness cover that pays out a lump sum upon a critical illness or life isnurance 
that leaves behind a lump sum of money to your family upon your death. Insurance acts as income 
replacement and should be seen as such. 
The younger you are when you take out life insurance, the cheaper it becomes. This is due to a number 
of reasons such as age – the younger you are the less likely you are to die; you are less likely to have 
picked up medical conditions at a young age and likely to be more active. 
Life insurance is a win-win. If it pays out, great it has done everything you needed it to. It has left a lump 
sum to your partner or children who can pay off any debts you leave behind, pay for your funeral, and 
leave a sum of money to set your kids up in later life. If you don’t claim on it, it means you're still alive! 
Buying your first home is a dream, that can quickly become a nightmare when you cannot work or die. A 
simple life insurance policy will pay out to give you the funds to pay your bills whilst you are recovering 
from a critical illness or to clear debts in full when you pass. 
Life insurance isn't for you, it’s for those you leave behind. The most selfless thing you can do for your 
loved ones, is to insure yourself so that when youre gone they are left with enough money to fill the 
financial hole you have left. It won’t replace you, but it will replace the income you provided. 
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