There is a common misconception that you need to have been in your new job for 3-6 months and have 3-6 months of payslips before you can consider a mortgage application. That isn’t true. 
Most lenders require you to have a copy of your new contract and your 1st payslip from that role before you can apply for a mortgage. Our network has access to lenders who will lend to applicants whose new contract has started, but haven’t had their 1st payslip yet. Some lenders will also lend to you up to 3 months before your contract has started, as long as you have a contract in place. This is ideal for teachers who secure a contract for the upcoming school year. 
If you have been putting off your next home purchase due to a change in Job let us take a look into things for you. All mortgage consultations are completely free. 
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